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Campo Lindo Farms

-   How It Works   -

        How Campo Lindo Farms works... gosh where to begin? Let's start with the process that begins right here on our 280 acre farm when day old chicks arrive in the mail (...yes, the USPS mail) each week. From there, we raise the chickens right here on our farm (about 200 yards from our front door) where each group of chickens has their own barn space and pastures to roam. Once the chickens have grown to a healthy size, they are brought down from the barns to our on-site processing plant (about 100 yards from our front door in the other direction). Each chicken is processed carefully by us, by hand. Once the processing is complete, that same afternoon we package the birds into the packaging that you will find in-store or on your doorstep. The processing and packaging portion is complete after a deep clean and the chickens are ready to be delivered to the grocery stores, restaurants, or straight to your door later that same week. 

With Campo Lindo Farms chicken, you know you will be getting natural, healthy, and fresh produce each and every week. For more details, please check out the subpages under the How It Works tab. And as always, contact us with any of your questions!

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