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Ready for an easy, healthy, and tasty meal?


Thanks to the all natural diet and free range lifestyle of our birds, you and your family will enjoy the great taste and excellent health qualities of these chickens. Plus, it's hard to beat the versatility and value of a whole bird. Leave it whole and roast it in the oven (a Maddick family favorite), grill, smoke, or piece it out into smaller cuts - the whole bird provides countless options for you and your family to enjoy.

4 Whole Chickens

  • Raised right here on our family farm, all of our birds live all-natural and free range lives. They graze naturally in the pastures during the day, and are supplemented with a custom designed mixed-grain feed to grow the healthiest bird.


    • Pasture raised
    • Non GMO feed, no antibiotics, no hormones
    • Hand processed and packaged on-farm site
    • GAP Step 3 Certified
    • USDA Inspected


    This package includes 4 (four) individually vacuum sealed 3.25lb-3.75lb Whole Chickens. Shipped using curbside recyclable insulation and reusable gel packs. 


    Note: no giblets included inside the bird.

  • We are proud of our chickens and want you to love your purchase. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience supporting our family farm, please reach out via the Contact Us page.

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