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Free shipping on orders over $100! Please do not order more than 10 units.


Chicken feet and necks have high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which are beneficial for joint health. Our pets love these chicken feet (Pisco, our elderly border collie, stays young and playful by enjoying these every other day). Note: please never feed dogs chicken bones that have been cooked as they become brittle, can splinter, and can cause internal damage.


Each package has 12 chicken feet. Keep refridgerated once opened. USDA inspected for human consumption, verified by dogs to be nutritious and delicious. 


This is our first time shipping, so unfortunately shipping costs are higher due to a large box size. We can offer free shipping on orders of $100 and are working to lower shipping costs overall. 


Chicken feet (please do not order >10 units)

  • Raised right here on our family farm, all of our birds live all-natural and free range lives. They graze in the pastures during the day, and are supplemented with a custom designed mixed-grain feed to grow the healthiest bird.


    • Pasture raised
    • Non GMO feed, no antibiotics, no hormones
    • Hand processed and packaged on-farm site
    • GAP Step 3 Certified
    • USDA Inspected
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