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Campo Lindo Farms

- Our Commitment to Sustainability -

We believe that quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Doing our part to raise sustainable produce is core to who we are at Campo Lindo Farms. When you buy from Campo Lindo, rest assured that we take our commitment to sustainability very seriously, and we’ve put thought into every step of the process from raising our birds to shipping them to your doorstep. 

We believe in free range, all natural produce - that means no chemicals, no additives or growth supplements, and no antibiotics - just all natural free-range chickens raised the way nature intended.



All of our birds are raised free-range on our 280 acre farm in Lathrop, Missouri. What makes us unique is that we also process and package 100% of our birds onsite. That means zero factories and zero emissions. We do all of our butchering, processing, and packaging 100% by hand on our small family farm. Check out our The Farm page for a more detailed look at how we raise and process our birds with quality, freshness, and sustainability in mind every step of the way.

When you purchase produce from us online, know that we’ve spent time sourcing recyclable shipping material, from the insulation that keeps your chicken fresh to the box it’s shipped in. Once you’ve unpacked your produce, just take the box and its contents out with your normal recycling. Our goal is that you to feel as good buying our produce as you will enjoying it :) 

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