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Campo Lindo Farms

-  The Family Story  -

Our story began some years ago, at the University of Missouri's College of Agriculture. Jay and Carol, both studying Animal Science with plans of becoming veterinarians, met in a genetics class and quickly became friends. One thing lead to another; they both changed their minds about Vet school, but decided to adventure through life together and enjoy their shared passion for animals. 

The adventure took various paths. Carol and Jay spent their first few years after college in Texas, where Carol worked at an equine facility (she loves horses!) while Jay helped manage a cattle ranch. They both loved their work, but wanted to move back home and have a farm of their own. The plan was to sell grass finished beef, and in order to entice customers to the farm, they raised a few meat chickens. The grass-fed beef wasn’t yet as popular as it is today, but everyone wanted more of their delicious chicken & eggs!

old eggmobile with young kids.jpg

When the family started growing, they decided that the farm had to supply a living for them so Carol wouldn’t have to work in the city. They loaded up cooler with chickens and started knocking on restaurant doors. The local chefs in Kansas City loved the freshness and quality of the chicken and eggs, and even started putting the Campo Lindo Farms name on their menus! This popularity led to grocery stores also wanting to carry our products and little by little, by word of mouth and recommendations, our business grew. We now supply more than 30 grocery stores and 25 of the city's finest restaurants.

Years have passed and some things have changed. Brandon & Isabel, who were the work force behind our egg production for many years (they would say decades!) are now pursuing their own careers. They still help Mom & Dad with chores when they are home, and give long distance advice on the farm operations. Campo Lindo Farms now has 3 full-time and 5 part-time employees who help us get all the work done, and who are just as committed to our mission of quality.  We look forward to what lies ahead and we hope to continue to evolve while maintain our standards of utmost animal welfare and superb quality of products.

-   Why the Name?  -

Carol was born and raised in Chile but moved to the United States with her family before high school. When she and Jay decided to have their own farm, she wanted to pay tribute to her childhood. Campo Lindo Farms can be translated into "Pretty Farm", and is the title of a Chilean song in which a farm changes from being “Campo Bueno” (Good Farm) to “Campo Lindo” when the owner meets the love of his life.
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